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Liquinex WaterWall is a groundbreaking purification system using ultrafiltration and UV technology to clean the water entering into the building so everybody can drink, shower, and cook conveniently with safe water from their taps—effectively eliminating the need for carrying water bottles.

High-end technology from Scandinavia

Take advantage of the latest technology and install the WaterWall in your building. As the most effective solution on the market, the WaterWall is a great investment with several benefits.

Improve the quality of life by clean water in every tap


Prevent the spread of diseases

Increase value

Increase the building’s value

The future of water purification is UV technology

Access to safe drinking water is vital for human life. Clean water goes hand in hand with good health and lack of clean and safe drinking water is almost always responsible for sickness and disease.

In most of Europe and North America, clean tap water is taken for granted. However, in many other parts of the world, we are still battling unsafe levels of contaminants, including sediments, bacteria, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, or arsenic – a vast problem impairing the quality of life and causing severe health issues. According to the medical professionals, several top causes of disease outbreaks are related to unsafe water. Liquinex is a Singapore water company determined to turn the tables and offer all communities clean water. Our new product, the Liquinex WaterWall, is a compact residential water purification system based on membrane filtration and PureFize UV technology that can clean and distribute 300 gallons of incoming water per day, giving everybody in the building access to high quality tap water.

In 2020, Liquinex was awarded first place in the Innovative Research and Development category of the Global Water Award in Dubai.



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Increase the quality of life and the building’s value

With safe tap water, people can shower, cook and wash conveniently without worries. They no longer need to carry heavy water bottles, and the living habitat will be calmer with fewer transports to the building. As a result, the value of your facility will increase, making this an excellent investment.

Improve health and prevent illness

The WaterWall ensures that all residents, particularly children and the elderly, have easy access to safe water around the clock, protecting their health and preventing the spread of viruses that could make the whole neighborhood sick.

Liquinex clean water

Easy installation and maintenance

The WaterWall is an adaption of Liquinex’s award-winning suitcase-sized humanitarian water purification system for rural applications and disaster relief; thus, we knew how to make the WaterWall compact, user-friendly and reliable for urban settings.

Invest in the most cost-effective solution

The WaterWall is an affordable solution compared to alternative methods of supplying equivalent water quality—perfect for department buildings, residential areas, and medical facilities.

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Give your business a greener profile

WaterWall will contribute to a better environment by reducing oil consumption and plastic waste—an advantage you may use in your marketing and attract new residents with a strong conscience.

Let people know your water is clean

When the WaterWall is installed, Liquinex will provide you with a large sign informing people that the building has clean tap water.

Waterwall sign


Two groundbreaking innovations in one solution – PureFize UV Disinfection technology and Hybrid Technology Ceramic Membrane

Liquinex can offer this compact, affordable and effective solution by utilizing UV disinfection technology and a patented hybrid membrane from two Scandinavian companies.

ceramic membrane

Hybrid Technology Membrane – filter that purifies at extreme levels

Patented membrane filtration technology provides unique and groundbreaking properties for ultrafiltration with a pore size of 60 nanometers (nm).


PureFize –
UV disinfection to make perfectly clean

PureFize from LightLab in Sweden creates a unique UV light spectrum that peaks at 262 nm, the most effective wavelength to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms. The spectrum is broad enough to ensure that all bacteria, viruses, and germs are killed, eliminating any regrowth or so-called tailing.

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Act now to be among the first with clean tap water

At Liquinex, we aim to offer solutions that suit our customers’ particular needs. One of our representatives will come by to analyze your building and tell you more about our company and offer. So reply today and be among the first to install this groundbreaking technology in your neighborhood.
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Liquinex, is a Singapore water company specializing in compact water treatment and recycling system using ceramic membrane (Liqtech, Denmark) and chip-scale broadband UVC disinfection (LightLab, Sweden) as core technologies.