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World class drinkable water from every tap.

Most countries in the world do not have safe tap water. Their tap water contains unsafe levels of contaminants including sediments, bacteria, virus, parasite, heavy metals, or poisonous substance like arsenic.

In addition, most countries including developed countries suffer from aging water pipes and other infrastructure.

A study of 15 cities shows that vast segments of the urban population in the global south lack access to safe, reliable, and affordable water.

The WaterWall is an extension of Liquinex's award-winning suitcase-sized humanitarian water purification system whose idea sprung out of Tesla’s PowerWall. The WaterWall is a compact residential water purification system for regions where piped water quality does not meet drinking water standards. It is conveniently installed in a house or community facility at the point of entry and is capable of purifying and distributing 300 gallons/day (1135 litres/day) of piped water into drinkable, safe tap water using state-of the-art hybrid technology membrane from Liqtech, Denmark and chip-scale UVC disinfection technology in partnership with Lightlab, Sweden.

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Hybrid Technology Ceramic Membrane

The new asymmetric Hybrid Technology Membrane (HTM) combines the desired properties from silicon carbide (SiC) and zirconia (ZrO2) ceramics (OEM by Liqtech, Denmark).

Hybrid Technology Membrane (HTM) is the newest asymmetric ceramic membrane with a pore size of 60 nanometers (nm) suitable for ultrafiltration (UF) technologies.

HTM represents a patented membrane filtration technology, which can purify and clean water and liquids at an extremely pure level. It is a unique hybrid solution, which combines the best of two worlds – respectively, the best of competing oxide membrane technologies and commercial silicon carbide (SiC) membrane technology. By combining silicon carbide and zirconia (ZrO₂), the HTM membrane obtains unique and ground-breaking properties. This ground-breaking membrane technology facilitates new separation processes and new filtration applications.

Perfect germicidal spectrum

PureFize (by Lightlab, Sweden) creates a unique UV light spectrum that peaks at 262 nm* the most effective wavelength to destroy bacteria and other microorganisms. The spectrum is also broad enough to ensure that all bacteria, viruses and germs are destroyed beyond repair and eliminate any regrowth, or so-called tailing.

Waterwall specs

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